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Invitation to Submit Proposal for Consideration by the GWREF

The Ground Water Research & Education Foundation (GWREF) is fully committed to our values in accepting proposals for groundwater use, reuse, protection, and conservation. For this award there are no general eligibility restrictions and projects will be funded based on the merits of the proposal as they reflect the GWREF values.


If you would like to submit a pre-proposal for funding considerations by the GWREF, please send a (no more than) 4 page (single spaced) document to Dan Yates through using the subject line: GWREF Project Pre-Proposal.

Pre-proposal should include the following basic elements:

  1. Principal Investigator(s) (expertise and qualifications)
  2. Statement of the Problem/Need
  3. General Task Structure (Scope of Work)
  4. *General Management Plan (including proposed utilization of GWREF)
  5. **General Budget (including proposed GWREF and recipient portions)

*General Management Plan. It is proposed that the project is to be completed:

  • entirely by the applicant (with minimal review or oversight);
  • jointly in conjunction with the GWREF members and supporting staff; or
  • completely by the GWREF members and additional support as determined by GWREF.

**Project proposals including matching funds (or co-funding) will receive special consideration.

Within 30 days of receipt of a pre-proposal, the GWREF will contact the principal investigator(s) with instructions.


For any questions, please contact Dan Yates, GWREF, at 405 516 4972.