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Hello Members,

As a State Regulator who’s spent his career ensuring the responsible development of our natural resources while carefully protecting our invaluable sources of ground water, I have stayed devoted to protecting the environment, empowering people, and delivering results.

We are tasked with a really noble mission:

To promote and conduct research, education, and outreach, in the areas of development and application of technical systems, pollution prevention efforts related to ground water protection, underground injection technology, and watershed conservation and protection.”

The Right Mix

We’re focused on areas that merit our values of:

  • Support the Ground Water Protection Council in the fulfillment of its mission to improve the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of groundwater
  • Continue to strive to identify and facilitate research in protecting and conserving ground water resources;
  • Evaluate, implement, and develop education and outreach safeguards designed to increase the level of understanding of groundwater resources;
  • Build partnerships with stakeholders to participate and provide water resources initiatives to share best practices in water management and support the protection of groundwater; and
  • Participating in a variety of external organizations and other forums to share and promote best practices in the groundwater spaces we operate.


Throughout our history, GWREF’s overall strategy has been investing in a variety of ground water projects from our portfolio that are investments that make an impact to our stakeholders, industry, and state and federal agencies today and tomorrow.

All the best,

– Stan Belieu – Ground Water Research & Education Foundation President